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Americans love their professional sports teams. Sometimes, the appeal of a city (or lack thereof) depends on the success and marketability of its sports teams. Moreover, professional sports teams are significant enterprise organizations that influence city politics and produce a large amount of indirect revenue for a metropolitan area.

Because of these business realities, effective sports marketing is crucial for  professional sports franchises to increase ticket sales and sponsorships. Whether they are in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, or other professional sports league, teams need real-world solutions to help them aggregate customer data and formulate strategies to better market their businesses.

One software solution stands out for sports teams and entertainment - Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Green Beacon Solutions has developed specially-tailored Dynamics CRM packages that are designed to propel professional sports organizations to the next level.

Making use of its PatronPoint solutions, customers that have partnered with Green Beacon Solutions have access to features such as consolidated customer contact information, event demographics, external ticket systems integration, facilities scheduling, referral tracking, customer service issue tracking and queues, season ticket management, and reports and dashboards.

Sports teams have unique business models, goals, and customer relations strategies that need a special touch. They also need powerful CRM and Business Intelligence systems that give them the tools they need to be successful. Green Beacon Solutions has combined the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM with its own expertise in formulating effective game plans for sports marketing.

By Green Beacon, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner serving Vermont, Northeast, Mid Atlantic, and Southeastern United States.

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