Just Because Microsoft Dynamics CRM is Available in the Cloud Doesn’t Mean It’s Less Valuable

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Now that users can acquire CRM functionality much more easily and affordably online, they tend to de-value the end result.  Keep in mind that the same functionality is there creating the same benefits for companies with larger budgets, so take advantage of this opportunity and leverage CRM to the best of its ability.

Businesses can’t thrive without happy customers.  More and more companies are turning to CRM to collect all types of information that can be gathered about customers and their interests in order to drive sales.  Also popular is the ability to use CRM in the cloud, which makes sense for marketing and sales staff who are on the road more often than in the office and for small businesses with small IT budgets.  Having immediate access to critical customer data could be the difference between closing a sale or losing one.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM is an inexpensive software solution that is simple to implement and it’s offered in the cloud.  Like other Microsoft products, it has a familiar look which makes it easy for everyone to learn and use.  With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can track interactions with customers, offers, emails, appointments, and other tasks.  A 360 degree view will help you better understand your customers’ needs and interests, helping you to up-sell or ensure repeat business.  You’ll see improvement in sales performance, be able to streamline the sales process, and create more accurate sales forecasts and pipeline reports.  Another attractive feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the ability to use social media to find new opportunities and track other influencing elements that affect the sales process.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud will enable you and your sales team to access customer information from any computer and even on many mobile devices.  Create quotes or proposals and contracts from the field.  Work on orders, check on deliveries, prepare invoices, and complete important customer follow-up while out of the office.  Being able to easily access this critical customer data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the cloud will streamline the sales process and improve your customers’ experience.

Just because online CRM is inexpensive, doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer a huge return on investment.  The ability to track opportunities, competitor information, and access valuable sales data from any computer or mobile device will help you grow your business, improve profitability, and enhance customer relationships.  Happy customers are the best customers and Microsoft Dynamics CRM online can help you keep your customers happy!

By Jullie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner


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