How Microsoft Dynamics CRM Helps Alabama Schools Succeed

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The Alabama state department of education created an initiative called the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (or AMSTI) to help improve math and science teaching in the state. What many may not know is that Microsoft Dynamics CRM has played a role in helping AMSTI achieve greater efficiency and overall success.

The state sends out refurbished math and science training kits to schools for their summer training of teachers who enter the program. 12 warehouses across the state distribute the kits to schools and are responsible for tracking the materials in the kits and tracking the progress of teachers who use them, all the way through their certification process.

At first the warehouses relied on Filemaker Pro databases to do all of the tracking, but the program has grown, so much so that it was even featured on the popular national news show 20/20 as an example of innovative advancements in education. With that growth came the realization that Filemaker Pro was insufficient for inventory management.

2B Solutions helped them realize that Microsoft Dynamics CRM can actually be a useful tool for inventory management, among other things. Using a customized xRM solution, they were able to develop a true relational model based on the data derived from the simple Filemaker Pro database. They also developed a handheld Windows Mobile scanner for use in the warehouses to help keep track of all of the materials that go in and out of teachers’ hands.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped a remarkable educational program be even better. This is just one of the many success stories of how Microsoft Dynamics CRM has helped transform Alabama businesses, government, and non-profit organizations.

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By 2B Solutions Inc, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Alabama

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