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The Microsoft Insurance Vertical Team recently identified the Top 5 Technology Trends on the TechNet Blog. One of trends discussed is mobility.  Our team recently built some mobile solutions that allow insurance professionals to engage with their CRM system while on-the-go.

Customer Effective: Insurance, is our xRM product that provides a comprehensive and collaborative platform for managing relationships between carriers, agencies and policy holders. Customer Effective: Insurance includes all of the robust sales, marketing and customer service features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, but also includes out of the box insurance industry functionality.

Top Insurance Trend: Mobility.  Producers and carriers are both looking for ways to take advantage of the proliferation of mobile communications. Field personnel often carry multiple mobile devices (phones, laptops, tablets) and expect to use the most convenient device for a particular task. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 features out of the box Outlook or browser-based accessibility options, which cover most tasks that field personnel would address with laptop or desktop computers.  Since Microsoft Dynamics CRM syncs with your Outlook and Exchange server, syncing your smartphone with basic data such as appointments, tasks, and contacts with CRM is a snap.  For more robust smart phone tasks, Mobile Express is available out of the box with Microsoft CRM 2011 and allows you to access standard CRM entities, as well as custom and insurance-specific entities, right on your smartphone.

Tablets are perfect for applications that exist in that middle place; a task that is too complex for a smart phone, but doesn't need the full features of a laptop.  At Customer Effective, we have developed insurance applications for this middle place. Tablets are typically quick to start and highly mobile.  This lends itself perfectly to very specific, very repetitive, and very mobile tasks.  Our insurance clients are telling us that a call report for field sales personnel would be well received and could increase user adoption.  Customer Effective has a Call Report application that can run on virtually any tablet (Windows, Anrooid,iOS) and is directly connected to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It is not meant to replicate full blown Microsoft Dynamics CRM; it is a discreet application for a common but important task in the daily life of insurance field personnel.  Users of this application are guided through a simple, intuitive process that record the details of the meeting, including the attendees (which are pre-populated from the companies contacts in CRM), and the outcome.  A "Submit" button sends the meeting data instantly back to CRM.  Our tests indicate that completing a call report with a tablet and this application can be done quicker that booting up a laptop!

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by Customer Effective, Florida Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

Post by: Brad Koontz, Customer Effective 




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