Can You Trust the Microsoft Data Center for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in the Cloud?

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If there is any complaint one can level against cloud computing, it is that you must trust your most precious business operations and data to a service provider who may or may not have the infrastructure to keep it all running. Perhaps the term “cloud” does not help ease minds since real clouds eventually precipitate all of their contents and break apart. For a business that needs software as a service (SaaS) that is always available, fast, and reliable, that is a scary analogy.

Some SaaS providers operate single data centers under less than ideal conditions. Some are even located on fault lines where a single earthquake could leave thousands of customers without service. For them there is not Plan B, only the flimsy hope that such a disaster will not strike.

In order to meet growing customer demand for reliable cloud infrastructure, Microsoft has spent the past decade rolling out massive global data centers and content deliver networks (CDN) that provide reliable access to hundreds of Microsoft cloud products, from Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to Xbox Live.

These data centers go far and beyond industry standards, bringing innovative power-saving techniques, rapid deployment for increased scalability, a thorough fiber optic network for interconnectivity, and large scale power and data redundancy to ensure your business stays connected, even when nature hands you the worst working conditions.

Microsoft recently published a 10-minute video on YouTube that highlights many of the remarkable features of its cloud system, from its data center technology to its extensive security and network monitoring system. After watching the video, you may still be uneasy about the cloud in general, but you should be able to rest at ease knowing Microsoft’s cloud will keep your business systems running safely and efficiently.

Watch the Microsoft GFS Datacenter Tour video.


By Feterick, Illinois Microsoft Dynamics CRM Experts

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