6 Reasons Why Salesforce.com is Worried about Microsoft CRM

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Salesforce.com is a software service provider that offers its products exclusively through the cloud. That, in fact, is its strongest selling point, and lately, the executives at Salesforce.com have been rather vocal in their criticism of Microsoft and its products. Not to take a challenge lying down, Microsoft has fired back on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Blog, revealing six reasons why Salesforce.com is really worried about Microsoft.

 1. Unabated Growth - Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the fastest-growing CRM solutions on the market. It has not taken long for Salesforce.com and others to start getting worried.

 2. Rapid Customer Adoption - It took only six years for Dynamics CRM to reach 1 million users. Salesforce.com, on the other hand, took over nine years.

 3. Options and Flexibility - You can choose to run Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the public cloud, in a data center hosted by a Microsoft Partner, or on-premise in your own data center. All three options operate on the same codebase, giving you the flexibility to change or use more than one solution at a time.

 4. Availability - Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in 40 markets and in 41 languages around the world.

 5. Proven Results - Gartner and Forrester, a research firm, rated Microsoft Dynamics CRM a “leader in CRM suites, sales automation, and customer service and support”.

 6. Familiarity and User-friendliness - Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the software you already know. You will recognize the interface, and will be pleased by the interoperability with products you already use, like Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Outlook.

 With Salesforce.com you are stuck in the cloud - their cloud, with essentially no affordable way out. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you have cloud options and on-premise options and can move your data whenever you want and use it however you choose. It is not surprising Microsoft has Salesforce.com worried.

 By CRM Software Blog Editors, Find a Dynamics CRM Expert

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