5 Reasons the Jacksonville Jaguars Chose Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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The National Football League is a high-stakes industry. One game, sometimes even one play in a game, can change the course of a season, either propelling an NFL team to the height of glory or sending it spiraling into the abyss of mediocrity.

The Jacksonville Jaguars recognize that winning and losing does not just happen on the football field.  An NFL franchise is a business, and being successful involves keeping the stadium seats filled and managing the team’s sales and finances. The Jaguars' organization looked at a number of CRM packages before choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They cited these benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  1. A familiar interface that integrated well with their other Microsoft applications, namely Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Outlook
  2. A streamlined sales process that all salespeople can use and follow
  3. A user-friendly set of tools that the employees in sales and customer service embraced and felt comfortable using
  4. Offline account access that can be re-synced with the main database when a salesperson is back in the office
  5. Efficient organization of sales information with reminders to keep employees focused on the sales process

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is compatible with a number of different deployment options including on-premise, remote partner-hosted, and Dynamics CRM Online, all of which can integrate with on-premise applications such as Microsoft Outlook, and cloud solutions such as Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Dynamics helped the Jaguars franchise get organized and make ticket sales easier and more productive, which ultimately helps Jacksonville fans have a better experience come game time. You can watch a short video presentation of the Jaguars’ success with Dynamics CRM, as well as those of other organizations.

By InterDyn BMI – Minnesota Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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