Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

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Are you an “old-school” CRM user?  Someone who prefers hands on keyboard rather than mousing through the new CRM 2011 ribbon?

If that describes you, I would recommend familiarizing yourself with the new keyboard shortcuts in CRM 2011.

Your old favorites are there, including CTRL + S to save a record, or CTRL + C to copy text, but there are some new keyboard shortcuts that are a big timesaver as you navigate through CRM 2011.

For example, Ctrl+[ and Ctrl+} to move to the first or the last tab in the ribbon.

Or, CTRL+SHIFT+3 to navigate to the sitemap (when on the main window of CRM).

I especially find the form keyboard shortcuts useful, when working with a set of records in a view.  CTRL+Shift+2 brings up the list of records in the view, and CTRL+ > or CTRL + < navigates to the next or previous record.

These keyboards are very useful for people doing heavy data entry, so they don’t have to move their fingers off of the keyboard.  The following is a full list of available keyboard shortcuts.

General keyboard shortcuts

Action Press
Copy text Ctrl+C
Paste text Ctrl+V
Undo previous text change Ctrl+Z
Save a record Ctrl+S
Close a record Esc
Cut text Ctrl+X
Delete text Delete
Delete selected text immediately without putting it on the Clipboard Shift+Delete
Move to the first tab on the ribbon Ctrl+[
Move to the last tab on the ribbon Ctrl+]
Move the insertion point to the start of the next word Ctrl+Right Arrow
Move the insertion point to the start of the previous word Ctrl+Left Arrow
Select all text in the current field Ctrl+A
Display the System menu for the active window Alt+Spacebar
Display the shortcut menu for the selected item Shift+F10
Cancel the current task or command, or close a selected list or dialog box Esc
Move up through a list of records Up Arrow
Move down through a list of records Down Arrow
Open the selected record Enter
Select all records on the current page Ctrl+A
Jump to the sitemap Ctrl+Shift+3
Open the recently viewed pages and view menu Ctrl+Shift+7
Select multiple rows in a list sequentially Shift+Up Arrow or Shift+Down Arrow
Select multiple rows in a list non-sequentially Tab to the check box and Spacebar
Publish Form Editor customization Ctrl+Enter


Dialog box keyboard shortcuts

To Press
Move to the next option or option group Tab
Move to the previous option or option group Shift+Tab
Complete the command for the active option or button Enter
Move between options in an open list, or between options in a group of options Arrow keys
Cancel a command, or close a selected list or dialog box Esc


Form keyboard shortcuts

Action Press
Save Ctrl+S or Shift+F12
Save and close Alt+S
Cancel edits and close (Close) Esc
Open search Spacebar or Enter
Delete text from search field Backspace
Delete the record Ctrl+D
Save and then open a new form (Save and New) Ctrl+Shift+S
Move forward through the form's fields Tab
Move backward through the form's fields Shift+Tab
Open the lookup menu with the most recently used items in alphabetical order Alt+Down Arrow
Open the list menu Ctrl+Shift+2
Navigate to the next item on the list Ctrl+>
Navigate to the previous item on the list Ctrl+<


Post by: Joel Lindstrom, Customer Effective 




1 thought on “Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011”

  1. most of these shortcuts are actually basic windows shortcuts, not CRM specific.
    for example, alt+space works in any window, just like the copy/cut/delete and many more.

    the ones that are CRM specific are awesome tho 🙂

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