Streamline Sales Processes with Document Management through CRM 2011 and SharePoint

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Your sales team doesn’t work in a vacuum — they are dependent on multiple departments providing input, feedback, and documentation in order to deliver information prospects and customers. What if your sales team could interact with the rest of the company directly through SharePoint, without ever leaving CRM? With Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 it’s not only possible, it’s available right out of the box.

Salespeople spend much of their time creating and assembling documents to answer customer questions and engage in negotiations. Those documents are no longer static “sell sheets” and forms that can be printed in bulk and handed to a customer. In today’s world, most documents are collaborative and customized to meet the unique needs of each customer.

When you connect SharePoint to Dynamics CRM 2011, your sales team can access and associate documents housed in SharePoint to a CRM record. You will allow your sales team to:

  • collaborate with non CRM users on RFPs, RFQs and proposals directly through CRM,
  • access version controlled product information, contracts, and maintenance records without leaving CRM,
  • associate photographs, drawings, artwork, or other documents with individual records in CRM.

The version control functionality of SharePoint will make the interaction of sales and the rest of the company much easier. Response teams can collaborate with check-in and check-out of shared documents, view version history, and use the powerful template functions to take the hassles out of working across departments.

The SharePoint integration enables CRM users and non- CRM users to work together as a team — breaking down the walls between sales and the rest of the organization. You will achieve a better flow of information and increase collaboration across departments.

Let us help you break down the silos in your company; call Sam at 1-87PLANET11 or send an email Last month, Planet Technologies joined the elite group of the 2011 Microsoft Dynamics Inner Circle and President's Club award winners. We appreciate Microsoft’s confidence in our dedication to excellence.

by Planet Technologies, Maryland/DC Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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