Choosing a "Product" or Going the "Custom Code" Route

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How much cost do you associate with “Peace of Mind?”

When it comes to investing in additional CRM functionality, “custom coded” CRM systems have hidden risks. Albeit very small, there is an open chance of a stalled upgrade, shut down from bad code, or even worse, high jacked by internal or external coders. Ok, the last example is a bit extreme but find that one disgruntled employee and there you go!

To avoid this, customers should take a long look at Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) that have the Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM (CfMD) logo. This certification demonstrates that their product is proven, tested, and recommended by Microsoft. These companies have already done the behind scenes work to makes their product compatible to Microsoft Dynamics therefore moving with each product upgrade is seamless.

So, how much value do you put on “Peace of Mind?” A number of CRM customers don’t initially realize the true value of buying a product (out-of-the-box) versus building their CRM system (custom code) until it is too late.

Here is a real story of a high-tech company that hired an organization to custom build their CRM system. Read the painful effects the company endured during their Dynamics CRM 3.0 to 4.0 upgrade when their assigned coder suddenly left the company and failed to document his work.


$4,500 dollars to find, fix and rewrite all broken code and make it compatible for the upgrade.

Took 24 professional services’ hours to find errors, determine what they were intended to do and a rewrite to make compatible for the upgrade.

Broken System
Management and users lost faith in the system and nearly scrapped the project. They thought about starting over with an entirely new platform.

Now ask yourself, “Can you afford your CRM system going down? If it does, how will operations proceed? How easy will it be to move to another vendor? How much value do you put into “Peace of Mind?”

By Axonom – Global ISV for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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