3 User Productivity Tips in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers many productivity enhancements. We hope you enjoy these time saving tips. Look for more in future blogs.
1) Bulk Edit

Save time in making changes to many records at once using bulk edit. Select multiple account records on a list and click the edit button on the ribbon bar. A window displays allowing you to change one or more fields. Change the shipping method, for example, on all selected records at once.

Bulk Edit Tip

2) Wildcard Searching

Quickly find a record by using a wildcard (*) in a search field on any list of records. For example, entering *good in the account search will find accounts Designer Goods and Elemental Goods.

Wildcard Tip

We use this to find accounts whose name has changed. When an account name changes, we enter the original name in parenthesis next to the new name, for example, Century Link (Qwest Communications). If we forget the new name, we can still find the account by the original name if we use the wildcard (*) search of *qwest.

You can use the wildcard search for any searchable field on the entity form.

3) Recently Visited

Click the recently visited button (folder icon with star) to the right of Workplace to find your way back to recently opened emails, contacts, activities and views in CRM. The items are sorted from most recently to last recently visited. As new items are visited, the older ones fall off the list unless you “pin” the item. Pinning an item, by clicking the push pin icon, will keep the item on the list. It will move down, but won’t fall off the list.

Recently Visited Tip


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