Use Microsoft CRM 2011 as a Base - More than Just Customer Management

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Microsoft CRM 2011 can be more than a customer management tool. With all of the Microsoft-certified applications available today, you can build a mini ERP system using CRM 2011 as a base. Just think outside the software box.  If your focus is a particular vertical, it is easy to “package a program” for healthcare, pharmaceutical, industry, associations, and many more.

For example, no longer does the digital signature requirements of a pharmaceutical rep require pharma companies to use There is now a Microsoft CRM 2011 application that captures and stores digi sigs on a tablet. No longer does a company need to review  four different CRM solutions, they just need to review all the options available with Microsoft CRM 2011 in the Marketplace.  Link to Marketplace   No longer does a company need a complete E Commerce application to sell widgets; businesses can get a credit card processing application built onto CRM.

Do your research upfront, bundle applications together, and you’ve got a “customized software solution” to meet most business needs. Contact Us for more information.

By: Ginger Edwards, Intelligent Technologies, Inc. a North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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