Not-for-Profit Rehabilitation Agency Simplifies Donation and Event Management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Altai

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A long standing not-for-profit client of ours has had Microsoft Dynamics GP in place for a while, but needed more assistance with their donation and event management. As a not-for-profit rehabilitation agency providing quality vocational training and job placement for disabled persons, they needed a solution that helped them focus on their mission. This not-for-profit is donation based, receiving donations from individuals and organizations. Donations are received state wide and they have a donor base of approximately 5000-6000.  They take pledges in multiple installments and receive many types of donations, including gift in kind, gift in memory, gift in honor of, or a birthday donation. They also hold special events to raise money for their cause. Donors will contribute at will or they will pay to attend events by either purchasing tickets or sponsorship levels. Donors who are not attending an event may make a donation to that specific event.

As you can see, this is a lot to track and before we got involved, they were managing all their donation information within Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access. The information they tracked included information about who made the donation as well as how much was given lifetime to date. They also had a separate spreadsheet to track donations for specific events and to help in their event management. Their information was extremely fragmented and difficult to access for everyone in their organization. On top of this, only one person in the organization used Microsoft Access so all their information relied on whether that one person was available to prepare the data. They found themselves wasting a lot of time manually entering vital information as well as manipulating the data to show what they needed to know on a daily basis.

This company already had Dynamics GP in place, so as their Microsoft Dynamics Partner with dual Gold competencies in ERP and CRM based out of Michigan, we at The TM Group recommended adding Microsoft Dynamics CRM to the mix as well as an add-on association and donor management solution called Altai. We also set our client up with not-for-profit licensing available through Microsoft that allowed them to make the investment without ‘breaking the bank’.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Altai, they now have a fully integrated system that includes:

Donation Management: With CRM and Altai in place, our client is able to automatically track donations and all the details associated. They can see what individual or organization made the donation, how much it was, and what cause it was made for. They always have real-time insight into how much money is available, allowing everyone to do their jobs to the best of their abilities. Their new solution allows them to create screens to take donations and once entered, CRM and Altai manage and manipulate the data for them. They no longer need to manually enter data into multiple spreadsheets and then manipulate the data to find what they need. Because they have such insight into donations, it also helps them be more proactive in requesting donations from their previous sponsors.

Event Management: This organization holds three major events each year, including a golf outing, an awards ceremony, and an annual charity auction.  A lot of management goes into planning these events. For example, sponsors receive x amount of tickets based upon sponsorship level. They also need to track event registrations, sponsorships, and specific donations related to the event which could entail food, venue, or other in-kind donations. Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Altai help them track every detail of their events, streamlining the planning process. It has also allowes them to take in more donations and receive higher sponsorships due to the enhanced management capabilities.


Our client’s job is not to figure out how to use their IT solution. Their job is creating a better life for disabled persons. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Altai in place, they now have the information they need at their fingertips and can do their jobs right and make a difference.

By The TM Group, Michigan Microsoft Dynamics Partner with Dual Competencies in ERP and CRM for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint

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