How to Serve your Educated Client Base with CRM Software

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In this day and age, customers are more informed than they ever have been. Long before making the commitment to buy a product, customers have done reading and online research to be sure they are receiving the best in product quality, product price, special offers, bonuses, maintenance warranties, and services.

So how can you give your customers the information they need to make the correct decision (buying your product or service ;))?

Give them what they want before they even know they want it! Easier said than done, right? Not really. With the trend reporting capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, it really is that easy. You have the ability to view your customers' buying habits and to conclude what products and at what season they will buy. Instead of just ‘spitting into the wind’, you can target your marketing to be much more effective.

More times than not, it comes down to price that makes the decision for your customers. Don’t let those customers pass you by because your pricing isn’t competitive enough to grab their attention. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can streamline offer management by creating price lists, discounts and unit groups.

Once they’ve chosen your product, don’t let them slip away. In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can use guided business processes and scripted dialogues to deliver fast and precise service. It’s also much easier to schedule services and resources to serve customers effectively. Your customers will be impressed with the level of customer service you’re able to provide and remain loyal if that service stays consistent.

View this video on our website to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you serve your educated customers.

By Jonathan Taub, Rimrock Corporation Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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