Find Dynamics CRM Add on Features in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

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There are so many new and exciting features with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and especially Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, that not enough attention is paid to all the great programs that integrate with Dynamics CRM. The best place to find out more about these programs is the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace.  (It can be accessed from within Dynamics CRM too!)  If you’re new to Dynamics CRM, the concept of the marketplace may be entirely foreign. Even if you are familiar with the Marketplace, there are tons of features that you may not be aware of.

First, the basics -- the marketplace is used to search for solutions from Microsoft Pinpoint, which is a free directory of over 44,000 IT providers and professionals. This includes both applications and services. You can find a module that can bolt on to your installation of Dynamics CRM to expand its functionality, or find partners that can help you implement given solutions. It’s not the wild west on the marketplace either. The market is conveniently divided to help you solve a business need, find all solutions relating to particular industries, or even applications that relate to specific Microsoft products.

On top of that, community reviews will give you a quick star rating for reference or even break down a listing by price, deployment time, needs met, compatibility, and performance. You can even see which listings are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, which give you a great snapshot, or which entries meet the highest standards. One of the most convenient aspects of the marketplace is that you can search the listings from within Dynamics CRM 2011. You can go directly from identifying a business need to finding a solution without skipping a beat. Even after you find a business solution, the marketplace is determined to keep your business running smoothly. Digital downloads are fully supported, meaning you won’t have to wait for a physical disk to arrive in the mail.

There’s another dimension to the Dynamics Marketplace that usually escapes the notice of most users - it’s open to all members of the Microsoft Partner Network. Say your IT department has developed an in-house solution to a business need with Microsoft Dynamics. You could potentially list this solution on the Dynamics Marketplace yourself and suddenly invent a new revenue stream for your company.

The Dynamics Marketplace is a vision of the future that few truly appreciate. It can instantaneously locate solutions specific to an industry or application, and deliver it to you all at the same time. When you think of it that way, it’s fascinating that it doesn’t get more credit. Next time you identify a business need, try searching the Dynamics Marketplace first -- you’ll be surprised.

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