CRM Application Training Essential to Overall Success

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If you are thinking about implementing CRM, be sure to make time to attend training.  While the product is user friendly and intuitive, having a foundation of training is key to your overall success.   Personally, I’m a fan of classroom training because it allows me the opportunity to interact with the instructor, hear other student’s questions, and observe how others use the product.   And I think it is important to get away from the office and avoid the distractions at my desk to really focus on learning the new system.

DFC Consultants is a Microsoft Certified Training Center in Fargo, ND.  We offer classroom training for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users.  We offer a 3 day CRM 2011 Applications training class that focuses on the user interface and functionality in Sales, Marketing Automation, Service, and Service Scheduling.   In fact, we have a CRM 2011 Applications training class on August 24-26 if you would like to register.

Who should attend the CRM 2011 Applications Training?

Anyone who plans to implement, use, maintain or support CRM in their organization, for example:

  • Service Schedulers
  • Administrators
  • Office Managers
  • CEOs
  • Consultants


What will you learn?

  • Use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM user interface and application terminology
  • Develop basic and advanced navigation and record maintenance
  • Access the Microsoft Dynamics for Outlook functionality, including synchronization
  • Perform planning and budgeting tasks related to marketing campaigns
  • Create and manage customer lists
  • Create marketing campaigns
  • Manage campaigns and track campaign responses
  • Create and maintain account, contact, and activity record management
  • Schedule, administer, and define services
  • Use the advanced find functionality to evaluate customer data
  • Access and maintain contracts, cases, the knowledge base, and queues.
  • Create and manage accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and activities.
  • Use the sales functionality, including lead, opportunity, quotes, orders, invoices, and the product catalog.



If you are not yet a user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, sign up for the Free CRM 30 day Trial to get familiar with the product and processes.


If you are still evaluating whether CRM is for you, contact us at  or call 701-281-6112 and we can discuss how CRM would work for your organization.


By Vanessa Veflin,  North Dakota CRM 2011 Training Partner

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