What your CRM Solution Should Do Today and Tomorrow

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Whether you feel like something’s just missing with your CRM solution or are worried about how it will scale with your company’s needs and keep up with changing customer demands, this blog will articulate where you should be now and what you should plan for five years from now.



First of all, your CRM solution should cover all the bases and allow your employees to access sales, marketing, and relevant customer data at any given time. This data should also be in real-time and from the most accurate sources available. Having the same view across all departments creates proper business analysis so your company can grow and succeed into the future.

Secondly, your CRM solution should be configurable to meet the needs of your business requirements. In the competitive business world we now all reside in, having this functionality can set you apart. It can also help you better serve your customers, keeping them loyal to you and your services as well as bringing in additional opportunities.

Thirdly, your CRM solution should be easy to use. Although people are much more technically savvy, it’s important to make your CRM solution as user friendly as possible so no one has an excuse for not using it to its full potential. Lack of user adoption across the workplace can be a major pitfall and results in a waste of money if no one is using it to manage customer relationships.


These three factors will continue to be important moving ahead five years from now. In addition to these capabilities, CRM will need to be accessible through mobile devices. This trend is already beginning as most people expect to have access through smartphones any time of day and from anywhere.

Social media has also started to play a large part in CRM functionality and will keep on gaining importance in the future. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has already taken action in meeting this requirement with integration capabilities with Twitter and Facebook. More companies are leveraging Social Media in their marketing campaigns. Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it possible to track and gain insight into prospects and customers on social media engines.

Microsoft Dynamics® CRM meets the requirements of today as well as the requirements of tomorrow. It provides access to a full CRM Suite, in-depth customizations, user-friendly capabilities, and mobile CRM. If you would like to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can meet the requirements listed above, please us.

By Gillian Martin with BDO Solutions, Leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Canada

BDO Solutions has implemented hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in many industries and leverages our expertise to help clients find out what works best for them.

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