The Top Five Reasons to Integrate Your CRM System with an e-Mail Marketing Platform

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So you have a CRM system in place today, loaded with valuable information about your clients and prospects.  Your sales staff is diligent about entering data and keeping records current.  Now what?

As any successful marketer knows, the keys to a successful marketing mix include:

  • A CRM system to capture and track your client and prospect information in a centralized location.
  • An e-mail marketing platform to help you communicate with your prospects and customers in a timely and personalized manner.
  • A web analytics program to monitor website traffic metrics and visitor behavior.

However, without the means to effectively communicate your message, the data you house in your CRM or web analytics systems is difficult to act on and potentially unusable.  This is why e-mail is such a critical one-to-one marketing channel.

In order to harness the power of the data housed in your CRM system, integration with an e-mail marketing platform is a must.  Here we explore the top five reasons to integrate the two.

Simplicity  The primary value of having integration between the two systems – CRM and your e-mail marketing platform –  is the simplicity it brings to your organization.  No longer will different silos of data need to be maintained, and more value can be added to the CRM data by supplementing it with direct information about your contacts’ interactions via e-mail. 

Get More Value from Every Customer Interaction  Your customers’ and prospects’ time is valuable, so when you have the opportunity to communicate with them in a timely and personalized manner, why not make the most of it?  By integrating your CRM system with an e-mail marketing platform, you’ll have a complete view of all e-mail marketing data, as well as marketing lists and campaigns inside CRM.  Utilize the recipient’s history inside of CRM to ensure you’re communicating with them effectively in terms of their past behaviors. 

Increase Efficiency and ROI  With the integration between the two systems, marketing professionals  and CRM users will benefit from having real-time insight into the marketing communications being sent on behalf of the organization, including metrics such as open rates, tracking information, subscription centers and more.  This provides valuable insight on which CRM leads or contacts are engaged with your content.  By using a single interface, users can quickly gather information from various sources rather than logging into different applications.  In addition, marketers and sales team members can create new marketing list segments based on CRM advanced find views, using the tools they already know.

Greater Segmentation  Targeted, relevant content means more effective e-mails, higher open rates and click-throughs, and fewer unsubscribes.  Variable content can be based on CRM data (such as prospect demographics or purchase history), as well as on click-through data from previous e-mails.  CRM becomes the database of record for list management, so you don’t have to worry about updating contact records in two places. 

Centralized Subscription Management  By integrating your CRM system with an e-mail marketing platform, you’ll benefit from a single point of subscription management.  All subscribes and unsubscribes are tracked within the CRM records, where you can also manage a contact’s communications preferences (i.e; allow bulk e-mail, etc.). 

It’s important to keep in mind that the right solution for your organization will typically be based on 1) the volume of e-mails being distributed and 2) the level of intelligence you are trying to collect about the e-mails that were sent, received, not received, etc.

As Jerry Weinstock, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and Business Development Manager at CRM Innovation noted, “Integrating e-mail and website analytics drives significant mailing list insight to both the marketers administering the program and members of the sales team.  Integrating your CRM system with a business class e-mail service provider while leveraging the CRM system functionality will give you a ‘best of breed’ configuration.”

We want to hear from you.  If you’ve integrated your CRM system with an e-mail marketing platform, how has it improved your marketing efforts?

by BCG Systems

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