Microsoft Dynamics CRM Favored over by a 2-to-1 Margin

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As a Microsoft Business Solutions Partner, we use Microsoft Dynamics CRM internally.  We also configure, implement, and support Microsoft CRM.  So while we naturally think it’s the cat’s meow, we acknowledge our bias.  It was nice to see our preference validated in the recent survey conducted by Nucleus Research. 

Thanks to Jason Carter at PartnerCompete and Nucleus Research for these compelling statistics. 

The question posed by Nucleus Research in a recent online poll was:  “If you were choosing today, which CRM vendor would you select?” 47% said Microsoft Dynamics CRM, more than double which received 23% of the votes.

Here’s the breakdown that Jason obtained from Nucleus:

Microsoft Dynamics     47%               23%
Sugar CRM                          9%
NetSuite                              7%
Oracle CRM                        6%
Sage CRM                           6%
RightNow                           2%

I’m not privy to the reasons given by the respondents for their choices, but as a daily user of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, I can guess that the top reason would be the familiar look and feel of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which mirrors the ever popular user interface of Microsoft Outlook.  And close behind that in the poll would be the fact that you can launch Microsoft Dynamics CRM right out of Outlook.  And maybe next in line would be all the options you have for deploying Dynamics CRM – on premises with an Outlook client or a Web client, or  CRM Online in the Cloud

Now far be it from me to claim that here at Altico we use all of the vast functionality available in Dynamics CRM.  But we use a lot.  Our sales, marketing, and service teams virtually live in Microsoft CRM.  It constitutes a single, up-to-date, comprehensive database for our entire company.  We use CRM for scheduling.  We set up workflows.  We track leads that become prospects and prospects that turn into opportunities and opportunities that close, with lead and campaign source analytics so we can make decisions about what’s working and what’s not when we’re planning campaigns. 

So from my point of view, if you’re looking to purchase the very best possible CRM system for your company, make sure that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is on your short list. 

By Dan Smith,  Altico Advisors, Microsoft CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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