Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Makes Me Faster

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Working with customers every day, I hear the same request over and over again.  “Is there any way I can do that quicker?” or “That’s just another click of the mouse I have to make”.  It is quite evident that navigating to different forms and opening multiple windows was another step that a user did not want to make.  CRM 4.0 was, well, clicky.  Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 however, has added features that can limit the time you spend navigating through the system and allow you to view and enter your information quickly.

Right from the start, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is getting you where you want to be.  Rather than opening up CRM and seeing a generic welcome message, each user is given the option of choosing which entity they’d like to view when starting a new session.  This gives the folks in Marketing the option to see their recently assigned leads first thing, while sales people can log on and check out their active accounts immediately.

Dynamics CRM 2011 also makes it easier to steer between different views of an entity.  A new navigation pane on the left side allows you to jump directly to a particular view of the entity.

There is also a new tabbing feature with which the user can open multiple views allowing them to switch between views without waiting for data to load.  Once you find the view that you are looking for and open up a record, you can switch from record to record with the click of a button, rather than closing and opening up a new window.

Lastly, Microsoft has also added a Customization section to the Ribbon menu.  This new section will allow you to make changes to the layout of your CRM forms without having to navigate through the system settings.

It’s become clear that while Microsoft is committed to putting together a comprehensive CRM environment that can serve many areas of your business, they’ve also created a system that can get you where you want to be as quickly as possible.  This will allow you to spend less time navigating through the system and more time entering data and connecting with your customers.  If you have considered a CRM solution before but decided to wait, now is the time to consult with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM gold partner to purchase and install.  With CRM 2011, it truly will power your team’s productivity.

By Ledgeview Partners – Wisconsin based Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving the Midwest and Heartland regions

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