I've Got a Fever and the Prescription is Microsoft CRM 2011

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Sometimes I just hate going to the doctor.  It’s not so much the sterile smell,  the sharp needles or the sight of blood.  It’s the question, “Why are you here today?”    Duh, you told me to come back in 2 weeks.  So I proceed to tell them that my doctor told me to follow up in 2 weeks or my regular physician referred me to you.  I think, shouldn’t this all be documented in the case notes, didn’t they do any prep work prior to walking in the door and are they just going to wing it for this appointment?   My confidence in them has been greatly slashed.

Now realistically, I know that they are well educated, competent people but I want to feel like my health is important to them and that they have taken time to review and research any potential actions for my visit.   I want to know they care.  Their poor bedside manner is going to cause them some pain in the long run so here is my prescription:  Implement  Microsoft CRM 2011 system and utilize daily.

Side Effects include:

  1. Better Service to Patients  Imagine calling your doctor’s office and as they look up your account, they ask are you calling about your test results today?  After they go over the results with you, they say I see you have an appointment with Dr. Smith next week.  Do you have any questions that we can assist you with prior to this visit?
  2. Increase Employee Satisfaction  When someone is in pain, it’s a great feeling to know you can help them get to a better place.  Having worked in a call center for many years, I would often take great pride in being able to resolved my customers' issues and building their confidence in me and my company.    It’s contagious…in a good way.  As a happy employee I would go the extra mile for my customer, be an advocate amongst my team and continue to look for ways we could improve.
  3. Improved Business Insight   You don’t want to just put a Band-Aid on an issue, you want to see real results.    With CRM, you can see the number of cases that are open, see the average close rate, and be able to analyze the data for trends.  Management can see real time data on key performance indicators across the organization utilizing the dashboards.
  4. New Opportunities.    As you become a more efficient organization, you are more apt to take on new projects and look for other ways to enhance your customer’s experience and the value you provide.  One customer, PAML, who implemented  CRM, “calculated that its CRM investment had a two-year payback, derived from increased customer retention, reduced customer service calls, and lower paper, printing, and storage costs.”

Sound too good to be true?  You can see for yourself by downloading the 30 day Free Trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.  DFC Consultants offers a free business analysis to understand your business and to demonstrate how CRM can be a fit for your organization.  Give us a call at 800-277-5561 or email sales@dfcconsultants.com

By Vanessa Veflin, North Dakota Customer Relationship Management Partner

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