Helping Busy People One CRM Implementation at a Time

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"One problem with CRM systems has been trying to get busy people to take the time to enter important sales information," says Rob Helm, managing VP at research firm Directions on Microsoft in an article on Being well aware of this problem, Microsoft has made Microsoft Dynamics® CRM incredibly easy and user friendly, getting users engaged with their customer resource management software. More specifically, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps busy people through mobility, automation, and integration.

Mobility: We’ve already touched on the mobility capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM in a previous blog, but are well aware of its importance to end users and feel the need to mention it again. Some companies have their sales people in-house and on the phones, but many companies have sales people in the field who need full access to customer insight while on the road. Your sales people are busy and will most likely skip entering important information if they need to jot it down in a notebook and then update the system once back in the office. Access to the depth of information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM also enables your sales people to do their jobs right and win more business for your company.

Automation: Automation is a time-saver for everyone in your company, especially when it has to do with your important customer and sales information. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can set up automatic workflows that create or assign tasks and activities when rules are triggered ensuring your sales team stays on task and doesn’t forget important information that could cost you substantial sales revenue. You can also automate scoring and distribution of leads to make sure your sales process is consistent and your sales team is working on the more urgent and/or relevant leads at any given time.

Integration: Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you greater control and flexibility through integration with your Microsoft Office productivity applications as well as Microsoft SharePoint. Your sales people will save even more time by using Microsoft Dynamics CRM from within Microsoft Office Outlook. It won’t be hard getting them to enter important data into CRM if they can access it right within the program they use all day, every day. Microsoft Dynamics CRM eliminates the need for excuses and makes your employees more accountable and ultimately more productive.

If you struggle with getting your sales team to enter important information into CRM, it may be time to give Microsoft Dynamics CRM a try. By making it easier and more accessible to your team, you will benefit from more information that will conribute to greater company success. Visit our website to test it out with a free trial of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By Julie Fuller with Cargas Systems, Pennsylvania Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

Cargas Systems is a software and consulting company specializing in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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  1. Yeah I believe that. But we need to keep it simple because if CRM solution takes too much effort to learn and use, I think sales people will resist incorporating the the extra work into their already busy lives.

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