DynamicsADvantage Updates for CRM 2011

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DynamicsADvantage for CRM is a fully integrated ad sales management system for broadcasters, publishers and advertisers that leverages all of the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and adds specific capabilities to enhance the sales, marketing and customer service processes of companies in the media and entertainment industry.

This updated DynamicsADvantage for CRM 2011 uses all the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s newest release to provide much more effective account, opportunity and campaign management. The collaboration tools, total integration with Outlook and the major improvements on customizing and creating new data fields and data views, allows users  to manage their contacts easily and create opportunities using either the on-premise or the cloud offering. Users can manage different workflow options to enhance collaboration and control, and report/share information across their accounts and opportunities.

Additionally, there is the ability to link to SharePoint to utilize more complex reporting tools, link to production and inventory systems and manage documents using the document library. This connection also provides an overall platform for the Media industry sales reps to excel at their job, making each interaction with the system more effective, providing better and more accurate data for reporting and giving them more control over all information.

Adolfo Ramirez, Project Manager Lead, Media and Entertainment Practice- InterDyn AKA New York Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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