CRM 2011 Dashboard: Sorting a Chart On the Aggregate Value

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The other day I created a basic chart in CRM 2011 which showed the total portfolio value for each portfolio manager. The result was here (redacted):

As you can see, the values were all over the place, so naturally I wanted to sort it from highest to lowest.  Fortunately it was a quick matter of updating the chart XML with one line in the fetchcollection section after attributealias:


The end result was here (again redacted):


This was much better and easy to do.  Yet another example of how to refine the out of the box charts within CRM 2011 to visualize data.  If you’re interested in more examples, I’ve found this link from Microsoft to be quite helpful:

Post by: James Diamond, Customer Effective

1 thought on “CRM 2011 Dashboard: Sorting a Chart On the Aggregate Value”

  1. i want to sort the bars of chart based on the opportunity "rating" .

    i.e. all the opportunities that contain rating as 'worm' are should be one place in the chart, and 'cold' opportunities should be at position, and 'hot' also.

    when i add any new opportunity with rating "worm" that opportunity bar should be the side of all worm opportunities.

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