What You Need to Consider with a Business System Implementations

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In the sales process, prospects always ask us how we approach projects and if we think it is best to implement the achieved objective all at once or in a phased approach.

Consider this, ERP design is based on business process models tested in the industry.  The design includes the mapping of “best fit” model based on industry standards.  Front office products such as CRM takes an opposite design approach, where the product is configured to match the efficient flows of data and process in the organization.  The design is based on the “end-in-mind” approach where the results and analytical elements are not an afterthought.  The output is not based on elemental schema attributes, but a holistic model to provide information from variety of sources with the entity as the center of the design paradigm.

The modern CRM systems, like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, use the model driven design patterns to allow application malleability to allow for greater adoption in the user community.  With communications as the centerpiece of the design paradigm, CRM systems break away from rigid data models that are inherent in most ERP systems.  This reduces the complexities during the implementation phases as the ownership of configuration can be handed down to the user community.  This reduces the deployment cycles by shrinking the long test cycles that most ERP systems require.

So, to answer a prospect’s question, we would recommend for larger projects a phased approach based on our implementation methodology including communication plan, GAP analysis, analysis and design document, detailed work plan and budget, project status reports, data migration/integration documentation, weekly status calls, and customized training documentation.  For smaller projects, we offer a Rapid Launch CRM Program which can get your organization up and running in less than two weeks.

RSM is a Gold Certified Customer Relationship Management Partner supporting Microsoft Dynamics CRM since version 1.0.  We have over 2,000 implementations of business systems across the United States.  If you are interested in extending the functionality in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, RSM offers a CRM Rapid AssessmentSM which helps identify critical business issues and outlines recommended next steps.

By:  Pani Murthy, RSM - Gold Certified Customer Relationship Management Partner

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