Tips to Improve CRM User Adoption in Your Company

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Most CRM deployments start out with great intentions. However, it's documented that almost 70% of CRM implementations fail. While there are several factors that can lead to poor implementation results, lack of user adoption is one of the primary reasons why CRM projects fail. The best-designed CRM system in the world is worthless if your employees aren’t using it. It is rather common to find that many companies that invest in CRM solutions often underestimate the time and expense this crucial step to CRM success requires.

Change in any organization inevitably draws resistance. This is especially true when the change has to do with the implementation of new software. It is important to recognize that user adoption is all about changing user behaviors; it is not about technology. It doesn’t matter how great your solution is: if your people, processes and technology aren't aligned, your chances of success are greatly reduced.

Whether your company is considering a CRM solution or you’ve deployed a system with less than favorable results, it’s not too late to get on the right path. Developing and implementing a user adoption strategy is key to a successful deployment. Before a user adoption strategy is created, conducting an analysis within your organization to determine how policies, processes, reward systems, communication activities, job descriptions, leadership, and how existing user attitudes and behaviors may affect adoption will reveal potential caveats. Part of your strategy could include continual training or compensation incentives to help guarantee success. Be sure to visit the NexusTek website for additional CRM resources.

By Natalie Wilcox, NexusTek, Inc., your Denver, Colorado area Microsoft Certified Partner.

1 thought on “Tips to Improve CRM User Adoption in Your Company”

  1. Olá, bom dia. Gostaríamos de desenvolver um software de CRM com as seguintes funcionalidades:

    Módulos Básicos

    • Portal
    • Interface do Analista
    • Interface do Supervisor

    Módulos Complementares

    Registro de chamado (Primeira Aba Lateral - Cadastro):

    • Campos para cadastro dos dados pessoais e endereço eletrônico e endereço residêncial (pesquisa automática por CEP).
    • Campos para cadastro dos dados do produto (Modelo/Número de Série)
    • Comportamento/problema apresentado/dúvida técnica.
    • Índice de Problemas categorizados e sub-categorizados.
    • Depois de confirmado todos os dados, em casos de atendimento em garantia, no rodapé da tela terá um botão "RMA", e assim que clicado será encaminhado ao e-mail do cliente um script para andamento do processo do atendimento com o protocolo no assunto do e-mail.

    Histórico do atendimento (Segunda aba lateral - informações):

    • Pesquisa de histórico deverá ser realizada pelo CPF do consumidor ou protocolo da última ligação.
    • Campo de processos com células de filtragem.
    • Status do atendimento (Pendente, concluído RMA, resolvido).
    • Campo de observações para detalhamento do caso, para cada atendimento.
    Relatórios (Terceira aba lateral/Interface do Supervisor):
    • Campo de relatórios (Seleção customizada/Interface do Supervisor)
    • Controle de relatórios onde seja possível saber o índice exato com base nas categorias.

    Translation by Editor:
    Hello, good morning. We would like to develop a CRM software with the following features:

    Basic modules

    • Portal
    • Interface Analyst
    • Interface Supervisor

    Complementary modules

    Call record (Side First Tab - Signed):

    • Fields to record the personal details and email address and residential address (automatic search by zip code).
    • Fields for registration of product data (Model / Serial Number)
    • Behavior / presenting problem / question technique.
    • Problems Index categorized and sub​​-categorized.
    • After confirming all data in case of warranty service, at the bottom of the screen will have a button "RMA" and once clicked will be sent to the e-mail the customer a way to script the process of care with the Protocol subject of the email.

    History of care (Second side tab - information):

    • Search History will be made by the consumer or CPF protocol last call.
    • Field-cell filtering processes.
    • Status of service (pending, completed RMA, resolved).
    • Field notes for details of the case, for each service.
    Reports (Third ear flap / Supervisor Interface):
    • Field reports (custom selection / Supervisor Interface)
    • Control reports where it is possible to know the exact content based on categories.

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