The Big Easy Offer is Back!

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The very popular Big Easy offer is back and available through June 30, 2011. This offer rewards you for upgrading and refreshing your desktop, server, and management solutions, helping you to simplify your IT infrastructure and focus on what matters most – your business. Simply put, the Big Easy Offer 2011 allows customers to choose from a variety of popular Microsoft products and solutions while earning money on qualifying purchases that can be used towards additional software, hardware, or services from their Microsoft Reseller Partner. This makes available a host of Microsoft products through a single promotion (as opposed to multiple single-product promotions).

A comprehensive solution can seem out of reach for most small to mid-sized organizations. Most are accustomed to purchasing products and solutions piecemeal, in response to immediate need, or over the course of an extended period of time. Because the Big Easy offers a subsidy, a comprehensive solution is more financially feasible.

The products included in the offer are:

  • CRM 2011
  • Microsoft Office
  • Exchange Server
  • Lync Server
  • SharePoint Server
  • Forefront
  • Windows Server products
  • Visio
  • SQL Server
  • Project
  • Expression
  • Visual Studio

Another key benefit of the Big Easy 2011 promotion is the Open Value. Microsoft’s Open Value provides, for eligible small to mid-size commercial and government organizations with five or more desktop PCs, a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. You can be confident that you are not over or under-licensed. You have a single agreement for all Microsoft licensed products in your organization, meaning that you do not have to track versions or open new agreements. You can easily manage your licenses online at the Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC).

If you are interested in learning more about the Big Easy offer and how it could benefit your CRM 2011 upgrade or deployment, please contact us here at Customer Effective.

Written by: Brad Koontz, Customer Effective, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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