Pricing Tool to Compare the Cost of Dynamics CRM Online vs. vs. Oracle CRM OnDemand

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If you have ever bought a new car or a new construction home you know that the price on the sticker is usually not the price you actually pay when you walk out the door. The reason? Add on features. All the little extra’s that you need, but did not realize were not part of the base price.

The same is true with some CRM software packages.  Did you know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online includes several functionality areas that Oracle CRM OnDemand and CRM customers pay extra for?

Microsoft has released a new tool to help CRM Software Buyers compare the real cost of Microsoft Dynamics CRM vs. Oracle OnDemand vs.  Not just the base user license cost, but the real cost when you add in all the extras.

Our fellow blogger Jason Carter from PartnerCompete brought this to my attention in his post: Compare Costs: Dynamics CRM Online vs. vs. Oracle CRM OnDemand

“This is truly an eye opening comparison. Dynamics saves you 32% vs., and 41% vs. Oracle, and that's before you start including all the add-ons for those products...add-ons which are included as part of the price of Dynamics. This great online comparison tool from Microsoft allows you to hand pick the add-ons you want to include, specific any number of users, and even change the monthly cost to account for discounting/promotions. Then, click over to the feature comparison chart to see what you're getting for those prices. Very nice.”

But what if you want to compare the cost of an on premise Dynamics CRM system? Including implementation and training? Try out the Dynamics CRM Quick Quote tool from the CRM Software Blog to get a cost estimate:

While you are at it, gather all your estimates at once and request a free price quote of Dynamics GP (the ERP system that integrates with Dynamics CRM) at

For a more accurate quote contact a local Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner. Or contact CAL Business Solutions to learn more about integrating Dynamics CRM with Dynamics GP accounting software.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Dynamics Partner

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