Planning your Microsoft CRM Deployment

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So you are all hyped up about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and want to get it implemented in your organization? This short article will briefly cover some key aspects of a typical deployment scenario and assist with understanding the challenges for a CRM implementation.

One phrase ultimately dominates all failed Microsoft CRM deployments, and that phrase is "user acceptance". Sometimes it appears that the implementation is going to cause more work for end users, and can be received negatively. In order to thwart this enemy you have to make sure that CRM is valuable to the end user and that is priority one.

Find a quick win with the users by defining some pain points in the organization and show how Microsoft CRM can help resolve the issue, organize information that were silos before, or assist with maintaining specific data for operations.

The planning of a Microsoft CRM implementation can also seem like a significant task as well, but  proper assistance from a Microsoft Partner  can make your deployment a much smoother process.

If you are thinking about a deployment for CRM in your organization and would like more information by speaking with a Microsoft CRM Partner you can contact us anytime.

Nicholas Cole - Saratoga Technologies, Inc.

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