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Each department in your organization needs to measure unique indicators of their teams’ performance against goals.  Some departments, like sales, measure success through revenue while others, like service departments, may measure through a count of resolved calls.  With the flexible new goal setting options in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can easily monitor the metrics that matter to your department.

Meaningful goals keep teams on track

Goals are only meaningful when monitored in the context that teams understand and control.  Since goals can be measured either through monetary actualization (making money) or reaching amount driven factors (counting items), you need a system that can track either.  

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, goals are broken up into two categories - “Count” and “Money.”  With the “Count” function, you measure the count of things like:

  • the number of calls each sales rep made,
  • total services calls handled this month, or
  • how many units sold today.

The “Money” function tracks values like:

  • the sales revenue per territory,
  • pipeline value per salesperson, or
  • closed sales this quarter.

Put in meaningful context, with real time results, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will give your teams the feedback they need to know where they stand and what it will take to hit their goals.

Goals roll up to give you the big picture

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, goal hierarchy allows you to roll up individual and departmental goals to monitor tracking at the corporate level. Each department manager can monitor goals for their team’s performance while their numbers roll up to parent goals that provide the bigger picture.  

Flexible dashboards that are tied to the security levels of the individual or role allows individuals, managers, and corporate leaders to monitor the progress appropriate to their level.  Individuals can see how they are performing in real time, managers can compare performance of their team members and leaders can catch regional or operational issues proactively.

Set your goals for team success

At Planet Technologies, we can recommend CRM best practices to help you maximize the benefits of monitoring goals in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  We’ve helped public and private companies improve performance and customer service.  Contact Sam Cool at 240-864-3007 or to get started.

by Planet Technologies,  Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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