Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s Cloud Strategy Includes Integration

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Microsoft's cloud strategy has developed greatly over the past year and aims for the best possible experience by offering multiple choices. In addition to this, Microsoft understands that integration is a key component for a truly seamless user experience because companies that effectively integrate their on-premise and cloud applications ultimately have more efficient and streamlined business processes. Because of this belief, they have ensured the Microsoft Dynamics® line of products is capable of talking to each other.

So when you’re figuring out your own business strategy, keep in mind that your CRM system should talk to your ERP, whether your systems are totally in the cloud or hybrid managed (one system in the cloud and other on-premises). Not only are the experts saying it helps to streamline business processes, end users also agree. The major pain point with a number of our clients is having too many systems to manage that produce duplicate data and misinterpret business intelligence critical for business decision making. Once they have a comprehensive solution in place, they have the time and resources to focus on their businesses overall and can trust the data coming out of their solutions.

Microsoft’s Windows Azure ensures amazing cloud integration capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Through this platform, you can develop and deploy custom code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online using powerful tools, such as Visual Studio. Using the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. You can also incorporate Microsoft Silverlight™, Windows Communication Foundation, and .NET Language Integrated Query (LINQ) into your cloud solutions. These tools help ensure your solutions are able to talk to one another and set the stage for productivity.

If you would like to learn more about integration capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, please contact us at Sikich. We are an Illinois-based Microsoft Gold Certified Partner specializing in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Chicago IL Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO

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