Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 vs. – Media Myths

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By Marcia Nita Doron, Altico Advisors

When I was an undergraduate majoring in Psychology at the University of Rochester, I took a course called “Media Myths of Mental Maladies.”  Our homework focused on watching TV and movies!  No, I’m not kidding.  The idea was to watch TV shows and movies that portrayed mental illness and then research the accuracy of these portrayals.  Since I was an undergrad a long, long time ago, I don’t remember all of the examples, but two stand out – the movie “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and the TV show “Maude.”  Cuckoo’s Nest takes place in a psychiatric institution.  And on Maude, the title character takes Valium and has heart to heart discussions with her psychiatrist while her TV husband, Walter, suffers not one, but two nervous breakdowns over the course of the series. 

I should get to the point, which is that our research showed that various aspects of mental illness were often portrayed erroneously, or sketchily at the very least, leading the average viewer to internalize misinformation.  

Getting back (finally you might say) to CRM, there is a lot of misinformation out there about the features and capabilities of different CRM systems.  Far be it for me to imply that is the prime purveyor of misinformation.  There isn’t a major CRM vendor out there who doesn’t sometimes stretch the truth. 

So, while I thoroughly enjoyed Sonoma Partners’ blog post on “Setting the record straight on's ‘advantage’!”, and while it appears to be exceedingly well researched, we readers should always beware that Sonoma has spent the last 10 years building a successful practice around Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  And conversely, in the original article quoted by Sonoma, has its own axe to grind especially in light of Microsoft’s aggressive drive to capture a larger share of the CRM online market. 

And now, without further ado, here’s the link to the well-written Sonoma blog that offers a poignant feature by feature rebuttal of the claims made by 

Setting the record straight on's "advantage"!

One further disclaimer:  Altico Advisors is also a Microsoft partner with a Microsoft Dynamics CRM practice.  In addition to CRM, we specialize in Microsoft Dynamics GP and we offer a free, automated, instant Microsoft Dynamics GP Quick Quote tool for companies interested in finding out the price of purchasing and implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

By Altico Advisors, Microsoft CRM partner serving Massachusetts (MA)

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