Keep Your Employees Close and Your Competition Closer with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions obviously help you manage your customers, but what about your employees, and what is your competition doing that you should also be doing? Microsoft Dynamics® CRM can connect you to this information in addition to customer data.

Employees: Whether you’re part of a sales team or manage a group of customer support representatives, communication is key. Microsoft Dynamics CRM streamlines communications among employees through a variety of ways. Most importantly, it is a comprehensive solution that is accessible across all departments. So if the customer rep is wondering when the customer purchased and from whom, they will be able to drill down into CRM for this detailed information. Notes from the sales team are available to customer support and vice versa, enhancing customer service and ultimately increasing the number of sales closed. You can also boost productivity within your organization through the use of personal, team, or organizational workflows.

Competition: Knowing what your competition is up to is only half the battle. Comparing what you have going in regard to what your competition does is a lot more insightful and can help you make your mark on the market. With powerful predictive analytics in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can identify trends and allocate resources accordingly, helping you to stay one step ahead. Marketing is also easier to do with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. You can follow key marketing objectives with comprehensive goal-tracking capabilities and even track key campaign indicators with built-in reports.

Keeping your friends (employees) close and your enemies (competition) closer puts you one step ahead of everyone else. We here at Rimrock understand the pressures you may be seeing in the competitive world we live in. Contact us for more information on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you keep up…consistently and effectively.

By Jonathan Taub, Rimrock Corporation Toronto Ontario Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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