Four Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Keeps up with the Changing Tide

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On a video interview conducted by Software Advice, Brad Wilson, General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics® CRM, talks about the CRM atmosphere including the latest CRM trends and how Microsoft Dynamics CRM is keeping up with the changing tide.

He brings up a great point in this interview, that CRM systems used to be optional, but the last 10 years has moved it to a business necessity. It is a critical tool for differentiating your business and building your customer service. Customers expect more in this day and age and the capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM make those demands easy to meet. CRM systems have always helped business, but as the market fluctuates, Microsoft Dynamics CRM changes with it. Brad mentioned four specific ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM keeps up with the changing tide:

  1. Full CRM Suite: You can cover all the bases with access to sales, service, marketing, and social CRM with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Integrating these capabilities into your day to day business tasks increases productivity and helps you stay ahead of the game.
  2. Flexible Configuration and Customization: With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can create point and click configurations and easily turn a vanilla solution to one specific to your business needs. Every business has their own processes, terminology, and goals, so ensuring your CRM system can align with yours is what makes the solution work for you.
  3. Better User Experience: User adoption is the number one pitfall of implementing a new technology solution. Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s easy user experience ensures that every employee knows how to use it to get what they need.
  4. Affordability: Microsoft Dynamics CRM is now affordable to companies of all sizes: large enterprises to small businesses. With the varying options for deployment, such as CRM online and partner hosting, you have a choice and it won’t cost you a large upfront expense to get what you need.

You may very well feel the pressure to keep up with the changing tide in your own business, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help alleviate that pressure in the four ways mentioned above. Microsoft is committed to offering customers the best bang for their buck and we here at Sikich are dedicated to ensuring your solution works the way you need it to. Visit our website to view the full interview and to learn how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help you.

By Jim Drumm with Sikich, Chicago IL Microsoft Dynamics CRM partner serving IL and MO

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