Four Questions to Find Out How Important Customization is for Your CRM Software

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Many experts feel customization is a crucial feature when choosing CRM software. After all, if your business doesn’t have the ability to customize its software to synch with its individual processes and workflow, the potential to increase productivity and efficiency is essentially lost. Even if you gain valuable insight into your customer information with CRM Software, what good is that information if your employees don’t understand how to use it or if your CRM isn’t interfaced with your financial data or other operational systems? It does depend on your business needs, but making sure your CRM is customized to what you need is really the only way to see a profound return on your investment…or is it?

With the CRM Online options available today, the question of customization comes into play even more often. If your company purchases CRM Online you will gain some customization and personalize capabilities, although you will not have the customization capabilities available through an on-premise or partner hosted deployments. But will this really impact your business? Here are some questions to ask…

  1. Do you track data for your business that just doesn’t seem to fit naturally into your financial or operational system? If you are essentially running your business on Spreadsheets then customization could be key to data integrity, consistent and security.
  2. Will automated steps greatly enhance your business and streamline workflow? If automated workflow is essential to your business, then customization is important and worth the extra investment.
  3. Do you require specific templates for external communications (letters, contracts, forms etc) to conduct business? If you need customized templates specific to your business and need these templates updated regularly, then customization will greatly streamline your business.
  4. Are configured reporting and queries necessary for optimized data entry? If you need reporting that is based specifically on a number of search requirements, then customizable CRM will be a huge time saver and ultimately make your employees more productive, getting more done in less time.

Hopefully these questions help you better understand the importance of customization in your CRM software. Unfortunately, it really does depend on a few key factors but it is well worth effort to find out what works for you before implementation. BDO Solutions has implemented hundreds of Microsoft Dynamics solutions in many industries and leverage our expertise to help clients find out what works best for them. Contact us for a free consultation to find out how important customization is for your CRM.

By Gillian Martin with BDO Solutions, Leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Canada

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