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One of the most relaxing things for me to do is to go to the hair salon.   I get my haircut, get a scalp massage, and get highlights put in to cover those pesky gray hairs.   I chat with my stylist about fun topics like our favorite toe nail polish.  I walk out of the salon feeling less stressed and looking fabulous.  Heck, I even buy shampoo and other beauty products because I’m feeling so good.   A happy customer continues to invest right?

There is a science behind making my salon experience a great one.  My stylist knows me.  She knows what I had done at my last 3 highlight sessions and what angle she cut my layers at.  She knows that I’m adventuresome when it comes to hair color so throws out a wild suggestion from time to time.  I’m a fun customer who says “let’s go for it”.  I’m always amazed when she follows up on topics we discussed 2 months prior.  Does my stylist have an amazing memory?  Probably not.  She’s good but that would be asking a lot to remember all that information.   Twenty years ago, some of that information would have been stored on a recipe card in a card catalog.  Now they store all the information online so it’s ready at the beginning of her workday and can prepare for her customer’s appointment.  When my stylist moves on, she matches me up with another stylist with similar personality and feels would be a good fit for me.  She has all my information so she doesn’t skip a beat and I continue to have positive experiences at the salon.

While I’m not certain what software she is using, it has some CRM capabilities.   She is able to track my appointments and what service she provided at each.  She is able to enter notes of important topics that we discussed that she will definitely want to follow up on our next appointment which she is able to schedule all in the same place.

I don’t care what business you are in, when you get to know your customers and the little details in their life it will make a difference in your business relationship.    When I have a positive experience at the salon, it is reflected in my tip, whether I buy more product and whether I spread the word about their services or my stylist.

So when you wonder if your business could use CRM, think of an experience as basic as going to get your haircut and all the details they use to make it a positive experience.  Then think how you can translate that experience into your business and provide positive experiences for your customers.  CRM is a system that can help you track all your activities, contacts, and customer information in one location.   And maybe, just maybe your customers will experience less stress and feel fabulous.

At DFC Consultants, our passion is to assist clients in meeting their goals with professional services and power business solutions.   If you would like a positive customer experience and to learn more about CRM, contact us at 800-277-5561 or email  for a free business analysis.

Vanessa Veflin, DFC Consultants, North Dakota Customer Relationship Management Partner

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