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The demand and availability of high quality and low cost software development resources for the development of all kinds of software has forced the movement of many larger software development projects overseas. Crestwood has lately been involved with several Microsoft Dynamics CRM offshore development projects. Our experience has been that the benefits of the approach are considerable and the challenges exaggerated.

Most often the offshore development destination is specifically India, which has become the largest center for software development in the world. Because of its scale of development, it has become a leading center of advanced software development, supporting technologies, and project management methodologies.

One of the most important benefits India offers is capacity. India has an enormous number of highly educated and very experienced developers. A much larger number then is available anywhere else in the world, including the U.S.

This large capacity can be directly translated into faster results. Unlike traditional development projects, the software development itself for the most part will not be a bottleneck to the project. The time consuming task of Initial software testing will also be done very quickly.

The new development capabilities in the Dynamics CRM/Microsoft .Net development platform provide for code reusability, real world modeling, and improved reliability and flexibility. Among many other benefits, this platform allows the ability to reuse existing and development components. This speeds the development and reduces the expenses associated with many development elements such as development and maintenance of programming code.

While this modular .Net technology was a significant advance, Dynamics CRM takes these tools to the next level. Built on this powerful technology platform, Microsoft has added an additional layer for business applications that is the most advanced business software technology platform available.

Microsoft xRM development platform modular design and reusable code sets, coupled with the offshore capacity for fast custom development means the customer can nearly immediately begin receiving the initial production software elements. This will be tested and evaluated with feedback to provide improvements for future project releases.

This immediate feedback improves quality because it is provided so much earlier and on an ongoing basis throughout the project.

If the Sure Step CRM Agile development is used for project management, The Daily Sprint Cycle works particularly well with dual development teams in the US and India with each team submitting their contributions and questions in the evening and getting their feedback and direction in the morning.

Commonly refrained challenges to offshore development regarding communication are overstated or have been largely overcome.

Communications:  The wide variety of low cost communication technologies including FTP File Transfers, SharePoint document Sharing, WebEx screen sharing, Outlook email, calendars and tasks, Skype and other low cost telephone options and other methods have largely eliminated any barriers to effective communication.

Language: India has an English speaking workforce that cannot only read and write in English but can speak it as well. This is a tremendous benefit to facilitate successful communication. And the Indian workforce has a customer satisfaction priority oriented business culture that fits well with U.S. expectations

Responsiveness: The overall quantity of highly educated and experienced software developers in India make it possible to scale up resources to start, change, add or accelerate any project on basically little or no notice. This type of flexibility is just not as available in the US. Indian development can be so much more responsive simply because it has so much greater capacity.

Cost: While low-cost offshore labor should not be a primary driver for technology development decisions, it is a factor. Customer demand for offshore development to reduce expensive software development projects has to be at least a consideration.

This fast and flexible development workforce can respond quickly to any required changes, improvements and redirections. Better options and alternatives can be more quickly investigated and explored, and better outcomes achieved faster and at less cost.

 Crestwood has developed an excellent working relationship with an extremely capable offshore CRM-focused development company with whom we have complete confidence. If you have a CRM project requiring excellent project management and implementation, please contact us at

By John Fischer, Account Executive at Crestwood Associates, your Chicago Illinois Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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