Extending the Reach of CRM with Marketing Automation

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Today’s information savvy prospects don’t have a lot of time or patience for lengthy sales calls. When you are fortunate enough to interact directly with a hot lead, you will need to provide immediate, relevant, valuable information in order to keep the potential customer engaged in the conversation. Marketing automation can arm your sales team with the deep insight about their prospects necessary to stand out in a crowd.

Of course pairing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution with a powerful marketing automation solution enables collaboration throughout your business development team. Marketing teams can nurture inbound leads until they are sales-ready, allowing the sales team to focus on closing their hottest prospects. Solution integration increases sales adoption because representatives can track prospects in the familiar CRM interface. With micro-level tracking, sales representatives see a detailed account of a lead's online activity, allowing them to tailor a pitch and increase sales.

Pardot, a leading provider of marketing automation for small and midsized businesses, recently announced that their marketing automation suite is certified as Platform Ready for integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.

Some of the benefits of utilizing Pardot’s marketing automation solution include:

Lead Scoring - Automatically scoring leads based on their activity on your website provides hard, objective data in an otherwise subjective sales process. At a glance, your sales rep can look at a list of leads, quickly prioritize them based on score, and follow up with those that are mostly likely to become opportunities.

Automated Lead Nurturing - Marketing automation solutions allow you to place your non-sales ready leads into nurturing tracks. You can then ensure that your marketing efforts periodically "touch" them via automated, timed, one-to-one advertising such as email or direct mail.

Micro-Level Web Analytics - Advanced micro-level web analytics allows you to view a log of all touch points with your prospect. See the pages your prospect has visited, files downloaded, email correspondence, and more.

Website Visitor ID and Anonymous Visitor Tracking - Although B2B marketers would love to follow up with most website visitors, the majority of your traffic will unfortunately be anonymous. Some studies have shown that as little as 2% of website visitors become real prospects. Track the other 98%.

Easy to Create Forms and Landing Pages - Use an intuitive drag and drop landing page builder to create landing pages that match the look and feel of your corporate website. Build professional looking forms in just a few clicks. Pardot allows you to manage a form's appearance and behavior with an intuitive wizard and drag and drop builder.

Pardot’s integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows your team to:

  • Distribute Dynamics CRM leads to sales reps based on workflow rules and activity scoring
  • View all marketing activity for a lead or customer within Dynamics CRM including web page views, email nurturing, event registrations, and literature requests
  • Analyze and report on leads in Dynamics CRM by Prospect Insight score and grade
  • Provide in depth marketing campaign ROI

Would you like to learn more about extending your CRM solution with an industry leading marketing automation solution? If so, contact Systematica Inc to learn more about Pardot and Microsoft Dynamics CRM today.

By Cory Fellers, Systematica Inc. – Microsoft Dynamics CRM Nevada Partner

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  1. CRM and MA go very well together. It's good to see that lots of companies are adopting this combination and taking up methods to implement this. Like you've correctly pointed out, today's customer cannot wait to get information. Especially given the nature of social media, people are used to gettin ginformation the instant they ask for it. Integration with marketing automation for a CRM can be very beneficial and efficient for customers, especially for lead nurturing.

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