CRM 2011: Hiding System-Defined Views

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When configuring your CRM environment you always want to keep an eye on the user experience by making sure to unclutter any unnecessary or redundant aspects of the interface. One area to look at is the system-defined views created for each entity in CRM that do not apply to your users. These views can create confusion for a user if he doesn't need them, and in previous versions of Dynamics CRM you needed to install a plug-in and do some minor configuration in-order to remove a system generated view for an entity. 

Now in CRM 2011 a system customizer has the ability to quickly ‘deactivate’ any system-defined or custom view.

  1. In Settings –> Customizations –> Customize the System.  Navigate to the desired Entity and select ‘Views’
  2. Select checkbox next to the view you wish to remove (only one view at a time).
  3. Click the More Actions dropdown and select ‘Deactivate’.image
  4. Perform the same process for any other views you wish to remove for that entity.
  5. Finally, save and publish your entity.

If you ever need to re-activate a view simply navigate to the entities ‘Inactive Pubic views’, select the view and ‘Activate’ from the More Actions menu.


by Customer Effective,  Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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