15 Features to Love about CRM 2011 - Part III

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Part III of my 5-part series, top 15 features to love about CRM 2011.  Here they are, the next in the lineup of great features that will make you more productive without even trying.

7.  Role-based everything: now you can set what a user sees by role.  They only see what they need to, including forms. Different strokes for different folks in action. And it’s simple to set up.   

8.  Conditional formatting.  Your data can be color coded. So lists are so easy to scan and decipher you won’t believe your eyes.  Think red for urgent follow-up needed, green for new prospect, yellow for a client in need of assistance….anything is possible because you set the color scheme.  This feature is one more great example of the customized user-experience that CRM 2011 offers. 

9.  Ability to change default Activity view:  Previously when you looked at Activities or History, the default was “last 30 days”.  And there was no way to change that default, which drove a lot of users (me included) pretty nuts. Sure, you could manually go up to the drop down and select another time period. But for most of us, we just wanted to be able to change the default to our preferred time period and not have to select it every time we open this view. Viola.  They listened.      

Are you beginning to sense a theme here?  User-friendly, user-focused, user-functional.  Without user buy-in and adoption, even the greatest CRM products stay on the shelf (or go unused on the desktop).  Microsoft has realized this and has enhanced CRM 2011 to truly be a user-centric product. 

Stay tuned for my next post which will include 3 more great features (sneak peek –Guided scripts).

Contact me with any questions you may have: Donna Krizik, Feterick & Associates, Inc  847-795-8200 x202 or dkrizik@feterick.com.

Submitted by Feterick & Associates, Inc –Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner in Illinois.

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