Top 3 Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION Integration

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To enhance the usefulness of Crestwood Associates’ Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, we deployed SalesFUSION – an integrated marketing automation system. After using the integrated SalesFUSION application over the last year, these are the three significant areas where we have seen benefits:

  • Email tracking and results
  • Web visitor tracking
  • Landing pages and dialogs

Email tracking and results

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has its own email export functionality, and it is right inside Microsoft Outlook. We wanted to expand out the Dynamics CRM to Outlook functionality beyond sending out our marketing emails.  We are using a third party email marketing service called SalesFUSION to compile marketing emails and it takes the responsibility for compliance in all the email laws and regulations. It conforms to the best practices prescribed by the major internet service providers. Even in a good marketing list, there can be people who might flag you for spam, which can be a big problem, and this service provides protection.

Next, SalesFUSION installs code in the email and its hyperlinks and it is able to track the email recipient’s results such as opened, clicked a link, forwarded or blocked. This is helpful because people have to download the pictures to read the emails and it counts as opening them. This can be a very useful tool to gauge customer interest.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION are integrated across several primary records: Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Lists.  A marketing list can be created in Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION picks it up and sends the emails out thru the SalesFUSION email marketing service. The email text and any tracking results are sent back to Dynamics CRM and logged against the Dynamics CRM record as a closed activity.

Having these SalesFUSION emails and results data integrated and available from within Dynamics CRM can be really helpful, especially as the results accumulate over time.

Web Visitor Tracking

SalesFUSION provides code that is installed on each page of the customer’s company website. All visitors to the company website are tracked and reported on.  The administrator gets a daily report of all visits to the web pages and the originating domain name.  In this way it is very similar to Google Analytics. It is useful to have information, track potential leads, and track history to see when and where visitors’ interests lie. Dashboard charts and reports are available within SalesFUSION to analyze this data.

Because SalesFUSION has visitor data such as domain name to track against, it is more useful than Google. It will log a website visit against the Account, and sometimes even against the specific Contact or Lead if the email address is already in SalesFUSION).  So this information is often more specific and actionable then Google Analytics, but they both provide good reporting tools.

 Landing Pages and Dialogs

SalesFUSION also provides the ability to create customized landing pages where your email recipients will go to fulfill their “Call to Action”. SalesFUSION provides the dialog tools to build a customer contact form, but beyond this, it provides tools to build sophisticated interactive “dialog” surveys in a Question and Answer format. These dialogs can have built-in logic to ask interactive questions based on earlier answers similar to “if, then, else” statements.

There is an option to build an entire landing page from within SalesFUSION with HTML editing tools. Alternatively, a dialog piece can be installed as an iFrame contained within Dynamics CRM with a link to an existing web landing page. This is a good option because the landing page can then easily use the same look and feel as the rest of the site and can share the same navigation.  Any contact information is brought back into Dynamics CRM automatically as a lead.

Crestwood is an authorized SalesFUSION reseller and because we use integrated Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesFUSION, we would be happy to provide any further information or answer any questions. Contact us at

By John Fischer, Account Executive at Crestwood Associates, your Chicago Illinois Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner.

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