Quickly Finding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 URLs

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Most people know how to get the URL for a page in CRM 2011 by clicking on the icons in the collaboration section of the ribbon bar. There are also two icons called “Copy a link” or “E-mail a Link” on most of the CRM 2011 entities.


The other day, I wanted to find the URL of a custom dashboard, but there are no fancy icons on the ribbon bar for me to get to it. However, when clicking on a item from My Work and clicking on a recently visited item, I noticed that if you right click on the recently visited item link you get these options.


This method is also a much faster way to find the URL compared to going to the entity or form to retrieve it.

 by Sean Shilling, Customer Effective, Georgia Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

1 thought on “Quickly Finding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 URLs”

  1. Hello –

    Wondering if you have a method to quickly locate the full url for the Print Preview.

    I am trying to reference the print preview url but I can’t find an easy method to locate the actual full url that is being called since it is not fully displayed in the print preview window that opens.

    Thanks in advance,

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