Preparing for CRM 2011: User Settings

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When you get started with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, one of your first questions may be where to change CRM user settings. If you are a CRM 4.0 user, you are probably familiar with the “Personalize Workplace” link under the “Workplace” area of the sitemap.


In 2011, you will not see a link for “Personalize Workplace.” In 2011, the user setting form can be found by clicking on “File” on the ribbon and selecting “Options.”


Once you get to User Settings, you will see that the settings options are very similar to Microsoft CRM 4.0. Like with CRM 4.0, you can set user timezone settings, language, currency, and other options. You can set the records per page of view up to 250 records.


What’s new

1. Show/hide the “Get Started” Pane

There are a couple of new settings in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.


On the general tab, you can enable or disable the “Get Started” pane. The Get Started pane is a pane that appears at the top of a view that gives helpful tips for getting started with CRM.


This is very helpful when you first get started with CRM; however, once you are familiar with the user interface, you may want to disable the pane to open up additional screen real estate. By unchecking the “Show Get Started Pane” option, the Get started pane will no longer appear.

You can also disable the Get Started pane for all users by changing the setting in Settings—>Administration—>System Settings; however, you may want to leave it enabled in the system settings, and then turn it off for experienced users, so new users can still use it.

2. Automatically create contacts


Under the E-mail tab of user settings, you will see a new option to automatically create contacts from tracked e-mail messages. With this setting enabled, if you email someone who is not already a CRM contact, the system will automatically create a new contact record. This is a valuable timesaver if you are someone who frequently emails people who are not in your database, as it can ensure that contacts that you email get tracked in CRM.

This option is selected by default, but you can uncheck it if you don’t want to automatically create new contact records. You can also set the preference to create leads, if you prefer to create leads instead of contacts.

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