Microsoft CRMs Competitive Advantage vs.

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On a recent call with investors, the CEO of took a shot at Microsoft Dynamics CRM, stating his belief that Microsoft “…offers customers no competitive advantage." With all due respect, that assessment could not be further from the truth. Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers an array of things SalesForce does not. Just to name a few:

Look and feel of Microsoft Office – SalesForce‘s motto is “no software”, and to be sure, that business model is the direction businesses are increasingly taking. But for the past 20 plus years businesses have operated on Software. Microsoft software, to be more specific. Outlook, Word, Excel - these tools are ingrained in the workplace today, and are the “language” of how businesses operate. Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online offers a tight integration to Microsoft Office and an end-user experience people are already familiar with, which lowers training costs and user adaptability. SalesForce cannot match that. Advantage: Microsoft

Synch with Outlook – SalesForce users could not integrate with Outlook 2010 for several months after Office 2010 was released. Even now, the integration still lags well behind Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For instance, if you schedule an appointment or task in Outlook, and want to sync it to SalesForce, you have to wait for the next scheduled sync. Those scheduled syncs can only be performed once an hour – once an hour! With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the sync to Outlook is instantaneous. Advantage: Microsoft  

Flexibility right out of the box – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 comes with over 100 workflows built right in. SalesForce has none, they need to be created manually. This allows for Microsoft Dynamics CRM users to be able to quickly respond to changing business needs. Plus Microsoft Dynamics CRM provideds real-time access to dashboards.  Advantage: Microsoft

Price – This one is easy.  Enterprise version of Dynamics CRM Online per month: $44 per user. Enterprise version of per month: $125 per user. Advantage: Microsoft

A side by side comparison of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SalesForce will show that Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the cost effective, more flexible, more powerful solution.

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner serving Delaware

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  1. Nice write up. I would add one major competitive difference - the power of implementation choice. With SFDC you must be in the cloud. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 offers cloud, on premise or a combination of the two. Advantage: Microsoft.


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