Can I Capture Leads on My Website and Have Them Come into CRM? Yes, With CRM 2011 You Can!

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Can I get a solution that will let me create an Internet Lead Capture form even though I have no html skills? Oh, and I want the data that is collected to show up in my database? Yes, with Microsoft CRM 2011 you can!

With the new Internet Marketing functionality in CRM 2011 you can create landing pages and have the data collected in those pages ready and waiting for you in CRM. With both the online and on premise versions you have a wizard walk you through adding lead fields to a capture page. On completion of the page, the html coding is made available for you to paste in an existing web page. Once the webmaster pastes the code and makes some changes to allow the data to be sent to the CRM database, voila! Lead capture and lead import. All you have to do is go into the Internet Marketing section of CRM 2011, review the leads, decide who they belong to and click the import button. Then they are part of the other leads you are working with.

Now with CRM 2011 online you have an additional optionof creating up to ten landing pages hosted by Microsoft. This allows you to have a place to collect the information without adding pages to your site. The landing page is also created with a wizard that allows you to pick your fields. But you have the additional option of choosing the page format and color. Once you complete the page, you will be supplied with an address that will be used to access the site. Lead information gathered from these landing pages is available in the same place in CRM 2011 as the lead information gathered from the html pages so you manage them the same way. Pick who they go to and click the import button. 

These pages, the html added to your existing site or the landing page, can also be used to collect information from a lead before allowing them to download some type of information like a white paper. Once the submit button is clicked, you are directed to the link of your choice. allowing you to send them to a download or a different webpage.

So can you capture leads on your website and have them come into CRM? Yes, with CRM 2011 you can!

 by Paige L. Cassada, Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a Dynamics Partner in North Carolina

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