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 Have you been hearing a lot lately about CRM and wondering if it’s just a buzzword of the moment, or a powerful tool that can have a measureable effect on your organization’s success? 

If so, consider the case of Summit Reality Group.  This small real estate office longed for a system that would allow it to strengthen its ability to deliver outstanding customer service while integrating with the company’s other business tools.  Summit learned from a previous CRM implementation that this integration was of utmost importance to the success of this type of project.  So, when they decided to look for a new CRM solution, one of their top requirements was that the system work seamlessly with the Outlook software that their brokers had become accustom to using in their communications with clients. 

After looking at several different packages, they determined that Microsoft Dynamics CRM had everything that they were looking for. Most notably, Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management software easily integrates with Outlook.  And as a result of this fact, combined with strong executive backing this CRM implementation was much more successful than the organization’s previous attempt.  The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM system had over a 90% adoption rate, whereas the earlier system had less than a 50% adoption rate.

With this new system in place Summit Reality Group was able to:

  • Simplify business and opportunity management – Many of the workflows that are part of their Microsoft Dynamics CRM system make it possible to automate tasks that previously depended on informal communication between several people in the office.  For example, now when a broker completes a deal and records it into the system, an alert is automatically sent to accounting, prompting them to create an invoice.
  • Deliver a single view of data across all departments – Everyone in the company can now easily share information helping cross functional projects flow more smoothly.
  • Improve marketing segmentation and organization – the marketing department is able to automatically create updated lists of clients and categorize them by criteria such as industry, client type, and deal size.
  • Receive more efficient and personalized reporting – Using their personalized dashboards brokers can quickly assess their performance.  They can easily see their individual goals, those of other brokers on the team, and the up-to-date activity of each member.  Similarly, executives can see the company scorecard showing goals, current performance, historical performance, pending transactions, and other critical data.
  • Improve customer service response time– Brokers now have information at their fingertips, so that they can spend less time preparing materials for clients and instead focus on communicating directly with clients to make sure that their needs are being met.


As this case study illustrates, when you take the time to choose a CRM system that not only meets your needs, but also integrates naturally with the systems your employees are already familiar with, it can be a powerful tool for increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies, Inc.  North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

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