Top 10 Questions About the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics – How to Integrate Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM Software

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The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics (previously known as “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics GP”) provides flexible integration between Microsoft Dynamics ERP products and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The tool has been available for Microsoft Dynamics GP integration for several months (check out: 6 Ways Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integrates to Microsoft Dynamics GP), but now customers of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV have access to the same simple, reliable, and extendable integration with Dynamics CRM. The Connector is ready for use today! Here are 10 of the top questions and answers you might have about the tool:

    • How can I purchase the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics?
      Any company that is a registered Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partner can order this product for their customers. Directory of Dynamics ERP Partners. 
    • Which versions of the ERP and CRM products are compatible with the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics?  
      The connector is compatible with the following versions:

    • What about foreign countries? Language and multi-currency?
      The Connector for Microsoft Dynamics is currently only available in English.  This release does include multicurrency functionality for Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV but NOT for Dynamics GP.
    • What are the Out-Of-The-Box Entity Mappings for the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics?

      Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX Integration


      Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP Integration


       Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Dynamics NAV Integration 


    • Does the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics provide a bi-directional integration?
      Microsoft says, “Yes, the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics will allow for data movement between both CRM and ERP.  In a number of cases, we assume that the ERP application is the system of record (Products, Pricing, Unit of Measure, Sales Invoices, etc.) In the case of Sales Orders, these documents can be created in either system.  Once an order is submitted from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 to Microsoft Dynamics ERP, the ERP solution becomes the system of record and the order will be read-only in CRM.  In the case of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Account and Microsoft Dynamics ERP Customer, the data is truly multi-mastered.  Once the data exists in both systems, and update to either system will trigger a subsequent update in the other respective system for properties which are included in the integration mapping.” 
    • Can the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics integrate Microsoft Dynamics ERP data into Microsoft Dynamics CRM custom entities?
      Yes, CRM Custom Entities are supported.
    • What are the main integration engines/services used for the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics?
      Microsoft reports, “The integration is a web service to web service integration.  The integration is comprised of an NT Service which binds together web services for both Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP to read and write data.  The integration service also leverages a transform engine to convert the data between the interfaces to ensure that the data moving between the two systems is compatible and in correct form.” It does not use Microsoft BizTalk Server.
    • Who will provide support for the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics?
      The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support Team will support the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics tool.  The Microsoft Dynamics ERP Support Team will support the Dynamics Web Services used by the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics. Of course, as a customer, you would likely contact your local Dynamics ERP or Dynamics CRM partner for first line support. (Directory of Dynamics CRM Partners) 
    • Does the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics really work?
      According to Lee Probst, Sales Operation Manager for BSN, it does work. He says, “The Connector allows the specialty side of BSN to know the data that they put in Microsoft Dynamics GP will transfer into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and vice versa - it allows them more time to sell!"

So if you are looking for an integrated ERP/CRM software system, Microsoft is a solid choice.  Or perhaps you already own either Dynamics ERP and/or Dynamics CRM and want more functionality - now you have more options. If you are looking for expert advice in evaluating a new integrated Microsoft Dynamics ERP/CRM software system, contact CAL Business Solutions 860-485-0910.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut New England USA Microsoft Dynamics Partner

7 thoughts on “Top 10 Questions About the Connector for Microsoft Dynamics – How to Integrate Dynamics ERP and Dynamics CRM Software”

  1. Charles Etherington

    If the NAVISION connector is so powerfull for integration between Navision Dynamics Navision 2015 and Dynamics CRM why are companies selling data source integration of the same.
    Rapidilonline and Jitterbit and Informatica says that Navision Connector does not transfer all items.

  2. I have requirement to integrate microsoft dynamics AX and sitefinity CMS. I need guidance for the same.

  3. How can'I setup and configure Connector CRM - NAV in a multi CRM deployment envirment?

    We have deployed CRM in 02 different server (laod balancing system) and I hace succefuly installed and configured the connector in the first server. But in the second I can't configure it wel (may be the configuration is stored il the Connector DB)

  4. I have GP 10 in spanish. I have CRM in spanish too. Can I use this connector for integrate each other?


  5. I have a CRM customization that allows the users to take authorizations in CRM. Can i map those credit card authorizations on sales orders in CRM to orders in GP (have made customizations to GP as well to include the pre-auth amt)?

  6. Do I read it correctly, that only CRM 4.0 has the integrations to the ERP systems NAV/AX or is there integartion between CRM 2011 and NAV, and CRM 2011, and AX?

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