Team Ownership Features in CRM 2011

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With the addition of team ownership in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 the game has really changed on how to assign and distribute tasks and create owners of records in the platform.

Just as in previous editions of Microsoft CRM,  users can assign records, tasks, and ownership, you can do the same thing now with a team of individuals such as a case, lead, opportunity, etc. This is great if you want to segment out queues of work to different teams in your organization.

With this edition you also have new functionality for team roles. In these roles you can set very specific system privileges for team members.

Additionally there are queues that are specific for teams as well. This provides the ability to track and monitor progress of tasks and items inside the team queues as well.

Another  feature that has made it easy as well is the ability to delete teams, which in turn will delete any queues owned by the team, and when you delete a team that has items assigned to it you must reassign the items after deleting the team.

This is still much better though because it will handle removing the team ownership of the records automatically.

Team ownership is another great addition added in Microsoft CRM 2011, and provides even more ways to customize and develop  an environment that is specifically tailored for your organization.

Nicholas Cole - Saratoga Technologies, Inc., Tennessee Microsoft CRM Partner

1 thought on “Team Ownership Features in CRM 2011”

  1. Hi Nicholas,

    We've just finished deploying our CRM 2011 online and I'm currently researching the best way to implement queues and teams in our workflows.

    One thing i haven't been able to figure out is : How can I make it so a custom entity can be assigned to a team ?
    I have the owner field but it allows me to select only users. How do I add the relationship ?


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