Take Your Web Site to the Next Level with Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM

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Most companies have web sites and most of them are just static versions of brochure-ware.  But what if you could turn your web site into a better business tool and dynamically generate business; you would be in, right?

Well, with Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM acting as your platform, you can perform many types of web transactions on your company’s web site.

For example, a not-for-profit organization providing research to the health care industry uses their web site with Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM to manage their account maintenance.  Just as you would with any retail web site, their site allows customers to log in to their account and maintain basic customer information such as address, phone, email, and shipping and billing addresses.  Because the web and Dynamics CRM are integrated, updates are made automatically to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

One aspect of their service offering is web access to their research.  Managed through subscriptions, Dynamics CRM is set up to track the user, group, and security levels.  When a subscription is due to expire, a workflow is executed to automatically create a new opportunity in the Dynamics CRM system and initiate the renewal letter to the customer and notification to the account manager.  The workflow also triggers inspection of the appropriate permissions to the privileged areas of the web.

An electronic shopping cart integrates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and automatically creates an order in the system.  A workflow generates for data validation and then the approval to create the invoice in the Microsoft Dynamics SL system.  Another workflow creates all the user accounts, if needed, and activates the fulfillment process generating the labels.

Using Microsoft Dynamics™ CRM as an integrated web platform improves customer service by providing your customers with convenient 24/7 access to account maintenance and order fulfillment while freeing up your personnel for other jobs.

By:  Tammy Zeoli, RSM - New Jersey Dynamics AX, GP, SL, CRM Partner

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