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We’ve written before about how our state department of education is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM customized by 2B Solutions to track their hands-on Math and Science training program, yet another great example of the XRM concept in action.  Material Managers with a similar program in another state took notice, and requested our Dynamics CRM solution for their hands-on Science training program.  One of the great things about CRM is how easy it is to develop a solution for one customer, and then take this solution and deploy it for another customer in a similar line of business.
We were able to take our initial customer’s production system, back it up, and restore it to the new customer’s server.  Then we deleted the existing data and imported the new customer’s data.  We could have also exported all of the customizations from the existing site and imported them into a vanilla installation at the new customer’s location.  With Dynamics CRM, the question is often not ‘can I do this,’ but is usually ‘how many different ways can I do this.’  These customers are both currently using Dynamics CRM 4.0, however, the improved Managed Solution options in CRM 2011 will make this even easier in the future.

With some minor tweaks to satisfy site-unique requirements, we had the new customer’s Science Resource Center operational on our Dynamics CRM solution.  It was a great test of our ability to move our XRM solution from one customer to another.  Now we stand ready to implement this solution for any other state departments of education that have similar hands-on training programs.

By Alan Camp, 2B Solutions – Alabama Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner

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